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We are a LED product design and manufacturing firm.





We invented and patented a LED packaging process to achieve superior energy efficiency and long life. We branded our technology eDVA Tech. Our inventions are the foundation for most of our lighting products. We love helping our customers develop and launch their dream products. We apply design-thinking methodology for human-centric solutions. We can provide guidance through the product development, certifiications, and product launch stages. Our 200,000 sq meter factory handles manufacturing and our US based customer service resolves issues promptly. With +24 years in business, we've invented products that are immediately available for private label--check out our selection today.


To help our customers grow their business, delight their customer, lower their operating costs, and maximize their margins through innovative, energy efficient, and sustainable products. Continously innovate to invent and design new lighting products to help the world become energy neutral.


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Integrity
  • Passion


Our goal is a world where light produces a zero carbon footprint.

We're striving to design and manufacture energy efficient, sustainable products. We're focusing on smart design and innovative materials to maximize energy efficiency, optical efficiency, durability, and product lifetime; and reduce negative characteristics such as lumen depreciation, build materials, and waste. We're using our deep technical knowledge of LEDs, electrical engineering, hardware, lighting requirements, and production methods to create well-crafted products.

We're developing our solutions by pushing technology's limits and incorporating our scientific advancements with human insights and realistic business needs. We're keeping our client's capabilities, market situations, and customer requirements in mind through every project.

We're delivering thoughtful products to your target customer, to help your business expand.

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